Our Story

Boyd Builders Inc. was founded in 2011 by Nate Boyd. Nate started out as a laborer on local crews in Hamilton, MA as a summer job as he simply loved working with his hands and being outside. After earning a Business Management degree at Gordon College Nate honed his craft and worked many years as a lead carpenter for a local construction company. 

The Boyd Builders 2023 Crew

He eventually found himself looking for a new challenge and was interested in building something from the ground up just like his current employers had. With really no back up plan, he was ready to take the risk and make it his own.

He wasn’t truly on his own of course as his brother Zach joined him at what was to be called ‘Boyd Builders’. Their first couple of jobs they took on anything, rot repair, demolition jobs, small decks and more. Completing one job at a time, sharing a truck and storing their tools in their mother’s garage in Gloucester, they soon found they needed to expand in order to meet demand. The third Boyd brother Josh joined the crew along with a family friend James and they were able to take on larger projects and most importantly more than one at a time. These early days laid the foundation of what Boyd Builders is today; a commitment to quality work and an exceptional client experience. These days Nate still has Zach, Josh and James leading his crew of a few more plus he manages two full time office employees, a 2,500 square foot workshop and eventually moved the tools out of his mother’s garage and his brother Zach did eventually get a truck.

An exceptional customer experience

At Boyd Builders we are committed to always providing our clients with the highest level of service so that they feel comfortable and confident allowing us in their homes for all of their renovation needs. We know what a disturbance it can be to have work done on a home and our crew aims to be as flexible and gracious as possible with our clients’ privacy and schedule. It is important to us that you feel comfortable and confident with our crew every step of the way. From our meticulous pre-construction phase to our continued communication throughout the project, our clients trust us time and time again to make their home renovation dreams come true. 

A Commitment to Quality Work

As lifelong tradespeople our carpenters take pride in providing quality handiwork on every project. We work with the techniques and tools that we know will give the best end results possible. We’re committed to providing our clients with exactly what they are looking for at exactly the level of craftsmanship we’ve become known for. Our approach to any renovation or preservation project is with care and concern for architectural and structural integrity as well as beauty and function. Great craftsmanship is only as great as the materials you use; whether it’s decking, siding, countertops or flooring there are a lot of options out there. We steer our clients toward using products and materials that we know will look great for years to come and also hold up in the New England environment.

"We have had a great experience working with Boyd Builders. During a recent deck project, they provided the highest quality workmanship, creating a beautiful transformative structure. They have a thoughtful approach to problem solving and have been extremely responsive during the building process. We highly recommend working with Boyd Builders!"

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